Students 2 Science͛  Atlantic Highlands Elementary, Highlands Elementary and Henry Hudson Regional

The ͚Students 2 Science program provided virtual science lab experiences to all 4th-7th graders in the Tri-District and 3 days of field trips for 8th graders to a state-of-the-art commercial chemistry lab in East Hanover, NJ. The 8th graders worked alongside the chemists. 

The Henry Hudson Tri-District Education Foundation funds STE(A)M projects across our three schools; Atlantic Highlands Elementary, Henry Hudson Regional and Highlands Elementary.  We offer two opportunities each school year for the staff to submit proposals.  These proposals are considered by members of the Board to receive the reward.  the board reviews the proposals and, where deemed to be a good fit for the foundation, looks to approve funding through our donations or through sourcing grants to fund the request.  Please click on some of the links below to see some of the projects that we have funded or select by school, year or STE(A)M category

School Garden Improvements  ​Highlands Elementary

Supplies/upgrades to facilitate increased hands-on science-related usage of the garden – for investigations, observations, and experiments that reinforce the natural sciences curriculum. The school garden continues to exceed it's original intentions.  Maintained through the summer and on other holidays and weekends the students and their families on a rotating basis, 

​Genius Hour Science Club Henry Hudson Regional

High school students in this club investigate a concept of their choosing, and then share their work with fellow students and the community via demonstration, informational display, or TED-esque presentation. 

Broadway field trip Henry Hudson Regional

Funding was provided for 30 AP English students to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time on Broadway. to support the classroom reading and analysis of this book.  this amazing experience added an additional level to their understanding and review of this classic novel.

Athletic equipment Henry Hudson Regional

 A much  needed tennis ball machine was purchased for use by both varsity tennis teams. 

Odyssey of the Mind͛ Atlantic Highlands Elementary 

From 40 elementary school applicants, 2 teams of 7 students each were selected to participate in this prestigious national STEM competition, which has regional and state competitions leading up to the national event. Our 5th grade team won their regional event, and made it through to the state competition. 

Pre-K ͚Engineering Center͛  Highlands Elementary

This teaching tool is an activity table/center that invites preschoolers to investigate hands on STEM-related activities.

School Garden improvements: Atlantic Highlands Elementary

Supplies/upgrades to further enhance ͚living lab͛ usage of the garden – for investigations, observations, and experiments that reinforce the natural sciences curriculum. 

Theatrical Lighting Henry Hudson Regional

New theatrical lighting for the  auditorium: Three new spotlights were purchased and installed at the high school to better light stage productions. 

Choreographic Training Henry Hudson Regional

Funds were provided for professional choreographic training for the recent production of Shrek. The Shrek Performance went on to be acknowledged by the Count Basie scholastic competition.